First Tee Tour + PGA Jr. League Edition

The Race for The Campbell Cup! 2024 Details Coming Soon.

The Third Annual First Tee Tour is here, but with a new twist!

Our very own PGA Jr. League — an opportunity that allows junior golfers to learn the game through a fun, inclusive, team-oriented, tournament play.

History + Overview

In 2021, we celebrated 25 years of golf at The Children’s Course! The celebration included a name change to The Campbell Course after our founders, Duncan and Cindy Campbell, along with a beautiful new facility in Gladstone. To continue the celebration, we launched our first ever competitive and fun First Tee Tour, “The Race for The Campbell Cup”! Now in its third year, we are combining our series with the PGA Jr. League. 

What is PGA Jr. League?

PGA Jr. League is changing the way young golfers interact with the game of golf! Through a fun, inclusive and social community, youth learn and enjoy golf through a fun, team-oriented approach. Like many other recreational youth sports, participants wear jerseys and play on teams with friends. 

Each team is broken down into two-person pairs who play together in games. All games are played in a two-person scramble format with the utilization of match-play scoring. 

Who can play?

The league is open to all youth, ages 5-18. Some golf experience or knowledge is recommended but not required. Tournament experience or advanced skills is not necessary. This is an opportunity to learn about competitive golf in a fun, laid-back environment where youth will learn just as much about themselves as they will the game of golf!

What is the cost?

Cost for the season is $220. The fee includes a $99 PGA Fee and a $121 Coaching Fee. 

As with any of our youth programs, Financial Aid is always available and is requested when registering. The national average for PGA Jr. League is $250 per player. Our goal is to remain as affordable as possible while still covering our costs!

What's included?
  • A Jersey, Hat and Bag Tag
  • Instruction supported by experienced First Tee Coaches
  • 10 Practices (referred to as Experiences)
  • 5 Team Tournaments (9-Hole, referred to as Matches)

2023 League Schedule

Experiences are hosted every Thursday from 5:00 – 6:00 pm, starting June 15th – August 17th. See below for match schedule.

Match DateMatch LocationStarting Time
June 24thThe Campbell Course5:00 pm
July 8thThe Campbell Course5:00 pm
July 22ndThe Campbell Course5:00 pm
August 5thThe Campbell Course5:00 pm
August 19thThe Campbell Course5:00 pm

How to Earn Points

Despite the new twist, we are still racing for The Campbell Cup! The First Tee Tour is more than just golf and operates on a points system similar to other major golf tours. There are multiple ways to earn points such as practicing outside of matches and experiences as well as community service. At the conclusion of the season, the participant with the most points will be presented with “The Campbell Cup”!

How does it work? Using the point system outlined below, participants report all points by emailing [email protected]. Points should be reported on a monthly basis within the first seven days of the following month (e.g. all points earned in the month of June must be reported by July 7th). First Tee – Greater Portland staff will award all points earned in First Tee Tour events (1st place, 2nd place, etc.).

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the sole Responsibility of the Participants to report all points earned outside of First Tee Tour events.

Points System
Category Points
1st Place in a Match 100
2nd Place in a Match 50
Attend PGA Jr. League Experience (Practice) 100
Going to a First Tee class (Practice) 10
Play 9 holes (any golf course) 10
Play 18 holes (any golf course) 20
Play in another junior tournament 20
Practice outside a First Tee class (driving range) 10
Active participant of First Tee 50
Youth on Course member 25
Community Service (points given per hour of service) 10